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The History VGP  is nothing but the history of VG Panneer Das, a pioneer in several creative ventures. A poor Christian from a remote village called Azhagappa Puram near Valliyur in Tirunelvelli District , Tamil Nadu and worked as a Assistant in a Ration Shop in Saidapet, Chennai. He worked hard, with head and heart, and soon established his own tea shop in 1954 besides News paper vending along with his younger brother VG Santhosam.
In 1955, he opened a shop selling items such as alarm clocks, watches and wall clocks. He was the pioneer in South India to introduce Hire Purchase for everyday goods. He built the VGP company from virtually nothing to its present status as a group of companies including retail, real estate and property development, resorts and amusement parks.
He pioneered the idea of "Buy now... pay later" A concept unheard in those days. The organization which he founded has been a remarkable success during the last five and half decades. He was an exemplary citizen of India, with the interest of the employees and compassion for the poor. The rest is history.



The Philosophy of VGP is deeply anchored in the vision of the founder of VGP Group, Mr VG Pannerdas.
The first foray into Reality business was in Feb 1972 with the forming of Layout in the name of VGP Veerabhadra Nagar, Near Medavakkam on the Vellacherry –Tambaram road. The Layout was neatly laid out and sold out in no time under the Mr Pannerdas’s philosophy of reaching out to the common man. Under “Shelter for everyone”. He introduced the concept “Take possession and pay later”.This was a pioneering concept introduced by Mr VG Paneerdas. Our Founder’s philosophy was not only related to “ Everything for everyone” but also underlined his desire to create space for the growth of our Culture and to nurture the value and traditions of its. VGP Housing stands on this strong philosophical edifice.

 From V G Panneerdas & Company Private Limited to MyVGP
A Journey in Real Estate

In the dynamic world of real estate, companies often undergo transformations that reflect their growth, adaptability, and commitment to better serving their clients. One such evolution is evident in the story of V G Panneerdas & Company Private Limited, now known as This article delves into the journey of this real estate company, tracing its origins, its transformation, and the core values that continue to drive its success.

The Genesis of V G Panneerdas & Company Private Limited

Founded with a vision to provide exceptional real estate solutions, V G Panneerdas & Company Private Limited entered the industry with a commitment to integrity, professionalism, and customer-centricity. For years, it established itself as a reliable and respected name, leaving a mark with its unwavering dedication to quality and transparency.

The Birth of

As the real estate landscape evolved and technology became an integral part of business operations, the company recognized the need for a digital presence that aligned with its core values and modern outlook. Thus, the transformation into took place, marking a new chapter in the company's journey.

Embracing Innovation
The shift to not only introduced a digital platform but also showcased the company's openness to innovation. The website serves as a hub where clients can seamlessly explore a wide range of real estate options, from residential to commercial properties. The user-friendly interface, advanced search functionalities, and detailed property listings reflect the company's commitment to enhancing customer experiences.

Consolidating Identity
While the website reflects the company's forward-looking approach, it's important not to forget the foundation on which it was built. The legal name, V G Panneerdas & Company Private Limited, represents the company's heritage, values, and the journey that led to its present state. serves as a bridge between this rich history and the company's future aspirations.

Staying True to Values
Despite the evolution, the company's core values remain unchanged. Integrity, professionalism, and customer-centricity continue to guide every decision and interaction at This alignment ensures that clients, whether they have been associated with the company since its inception or are new to its services, can trust that they will receive the same level of excellence.

The transformation from V G Panneerdas & Company Private Limited to exemplifies the adaptability and commitment to growth that define successful real estate companies. This journey showcases how a storied past can merge harmoniously with a tech-driven future, all while maintaining the unwavering commitment to clients' needs. As continues to shape the real estate landscape, its legacy as V G Panneerdas & Company Private Limited will always remind us of the values that laid the foundation for its success.

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